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All hacks in Counter-Strike / Counter Strike 1.6 (Hacks and Cheats) / PNZ HACK powerful cheat for CS 1.6   Postati raspuns
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PNZ HACK powerful cheat for CS 1.6

Meet the only private CS-ELECT.RU cheat PNZ Hack v0.1. Working! No viruses! Highly flexible and functional cheat, has many functions, such as: AIM, ESP, WH, Knifebot , Bhop, AntiScreen, NoFlash and more! Download and check out a new cheat for cs 1.6 you can now! Go

Function reads:

    Aimbot - AIM
    Wallhack - Rin
    Esp - various visuals (including sound esp)
    Weapon Settings - configure each weapon separately
    Knifebot - cheat knife
    Bunny-Hop - automatic bunny hopping
    FastRun - fast run
    FastZoom - the first shot without sight (AWP u SCOUT), then he will open sight
    SnaiperCrosshair - sight on on the sniper (AWP, SCOUT, SG550, G3SG1 )
    NoFlash - no glare from the flash grenade
    HudClear - removes all HUD posts
    AntiScreen - clean your screenshots from Rin and esp at the time of their creation with a bath!


    - Easy and convenient to operate and configure
    - All commands are described in detail in Settings.ini file (in Russian)
    - Bypass many anti-cheat
    - The possibility of individual settings for each weapon

Management / Recommendations:

Cheat menu opens only in the game [Insert], if you are in monitoring mode (Spector), the menu is not open, and it's not a bug! We recommend to set up a cheat yourself in the game with bots and after go live rashit server! All settings in the file Settings.ini (in Russian), which is specially for you all painted in detail.
Chita has the ability to customize each weapon individually, to do this, open the Insert button menu, select Weapon Settings, click Enter, and customize any weapon (configurable weapons that you have in your hands) that would save the settings, select aim_SaveSettings on (keys left / right ).
Also, you can roll a game, and customize everything you want in Settings.ini file (in a folder with cheat). After editing the settings, save the file, return to the game, and press aim_LoadSettings on, thereby loading the new settings!

    Run cheat PNZ Hack.exe
    After a run CS 1.6

UPD. Chit updated 24/10/2016 (News)

Changed menu:
F6 - menu open / close
F8 - panic key (on / off all functions of the reader)
Changed Sound ESP (two modes)
Antivirus do not swear! Cheat without viruses, it works 100%

Run cheat PNZHack.exe -> run the game CS 1.6
You can run in reverse order:
You start the game CS 1.6 -> Run cheat PNZHack.exe


PS This cheat is supported by its developers. Send us your questions, comments ... We will reply!

Port: 27015

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